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Assorted Golf Pencils - Hexagon - Bulk

    Assorted Golf Pencils - Hexagon - Bulk

    Golf Pencils
    Robert Heitkamp
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    We provide educational programming for over 5,000 students annually and give ever student a golf pencil for the day for notes and reviews. These are a GREAT price for a good quality pencil. They could use a little better cleaning prior to packout as after you handle 2 or 3 thousand you hands get black with lead from them from handling.
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    144 for only $11.89 ($0.08 each)
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    Item#: P876B-GOLF

    Size: 3 3/8"

    Packaging: 1 Gross Box

    Assorted color golf pencils with no eraser in bulk. From Only 4¢ Per Pencil! These short half size golf pencils are pre-sharpened and blank with no imprint.

    All golf pencils are pre-sharpened. We make every effort to prevent graphite dust from accumulating on our pencils however graphite dust may be visible on some light colored pencils, as a result of shipping and production.

    Units Price Per Unit Price Each
    1 $11.89 $0.08
    2 - 4 $10.81 $0.08
    5 - 10 $9.83 $0.07
    11 - 39 $8.25 $0.06
    40 - 99 $7.86 $0.05
    100+ $7.49 $0.05
    144 Pieces Per Unit

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