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Graphite Pen & Pencil Co. Store Reviews

Charges under different name
I will not use this company again. I placed an order and was quoted a price without tax. My credit card was then charged a different amount (because they had added the tax) and was listed as J. Rousek Toy Co. As I was making a lot of purchases that day and didn't recognize either the amount or the store's name, I assumed it was a fraudulent charge and canceled my credit card. As anyone who has done so is aware, it is a pain to re-set up all automatic billing accounts to the card.
Tracy Davis
Customer service was great. One of the colors in the set was out and they called to give me options. I got my order very quickly and the quality is great! I give them out at trade shows and they are hit, they freak out when I tell them they change colors. I will buy them again.
Melissa Barber
Coffee, Crafting & Community
Salty's Spinners Carpenter Pencils
What a great way to spread the word about Salty's Spinners and Hoochies on the job sites. These Carpenter pencils ✏️ work great and last longer than the cheap ones. This was my 4th time ordering. Thanks for the great service. 👍 ~ Salty's Spinners
Tommy Hatcher
Salty's Spinners
Color changing no 2 pencils
Got these to support our monthly show Draw & Guffaw. They are great. They change color great, and sharpen well. Lead is great texture and makes smooth lines of appropriate darkness for pressure. Will buy again
Carpenter pencils
When I ordered Made an error with color of pencil and print, they called me quickly resolved with correct print color. Order arrived in timely manner. Pencils look great and seem to be of good quality. I did not request a proof. Trusted their experience for layout and they did great.
Darran Nash Inc
Had to use a different company
My first order was a hassle getting a proof, than a hiccup in production. Took months to get. The quality of the order was amazing though, so I chalked it up to a one-off issue. My second order...never got the proof. When I shook the tree, I got the proof from the first order, they couldn't find the proof from the current order. Last communication was completely confusing, so unfortunately, two stars for customer service.
Jason Bell
The Schluter Dealer
Just purchased personalized pencils and they were very nice. Printing was good and they arrived in time for my students. Would like to be able to purchase a smaller amount in the future.
Frances Tufaro
I have been ordering these as gifts for my students for many years now and I love them! There's nothing like giving a child a personalized gift
Kittie Amram
Christmas gift
I bought these as a Christmas gift for my class. They really loved them. They came in a cute case and were so affordable. They shipped in under a week.
Phenomenal customer service, went above and beyond to help me get them for my event on time. Everybody loved them and using them has been awesome.
Federico X Serrano
Fun pencils for kids
I volunteer 1x a week with second graders to practice reading & writing and basic math one on one. I bought a variety of fun pencils this year so each kid could pick one out after we were done working together. They have been a big hit!! Thank you for making pencils that kids get a kick out of using. Every bit of motivation helps.
Mary O'Keefe
Golf league pencil
I loved my the roundness of pencil doesn’t stay in golf cart hiolder well. It falls out unless you put erasure in first . I think too round . Better if it is with ridges . Like octagon ? Not sure that is shape exactly but the ones at other golf courses have like four sides. Otherwise we love them -!!
Diane Travers
Gazelles Golf League
GREAT job! Pencils looked good.
Steve Parenti
Carpenter Pencils
This company produced exactly what we needed in a short amount of time. I was so impressed by the customer service and production quality. thank you!!!
Meaghan Kent
Art and Culture Center/Hollywood
Loved the ORANGE pens!
We loved the prices, unfortunately some of our pens were not spreading ink. But we will try again. Great pricing and delivery was excellent.
Randall Elliott
Red round pencils
I like these pencils I am a cabinet maker they have very good lead an don’t brake when marking on wood just right
Charles Pearson
Happy Star Pencils
I ordered these pencils to give to student pledge helpers. They love them and are excited when they receive them. They sharpen well too!
Debbie Farriols
Mokena Elementary School
Great gifts
I purchased 42 sets of pencils with my classes names on the pencils, they came in a little red pouch with 3 pencils and a child’s name nicely printed on each. The order came quick and my 3rd graders loved them. Awesome gift for teachers to give!
Angel Kennedy
Mandarin oaks
Great Pencils!
I bought a case of the personalized pencils for my orchestra director. She places a freshly sharpened pencil on each stand at every rehearsal so we can mark our sheet music as needed. Her pencils were so old that the erasers had turned hard, so I bought these pencils as a gift to replace those. The lead is soft enough to write easily and visibly, and the erasers work! They erase easily, don’t smudge and aren’t hard.
Michelle Riehl
Traverse Symphony Civic Orchestra
Personalized pencils
I love these pencil sets as gifts for my students! They are such good quality. This company is great- quick delivery of too!
K Hale
Golf Course Pencils
Ordered for rush delivery. It was expensive but they got it done and to me on time. We did not run out and they looked good.
Chris Sparks
Mallard Golf Management Inc
Custom Parpenter's Pencil Saved My Marriage OR A Title That Grabs Attention!!
The Custom Carpenter Pencils with the 1 Sided Full Color Digital Imprint was perfect. Just as I crafted the design then pencil came.
Trevor S
Pencils arrived with very small print and the cross logo ordered was not printed on them. Shipping was expensive. Quality is good and turn around time ok. Custer service person who helped with order did not know product or processes.
Henry McKeown
LPGA Tournament
These pencils worked so well and we got them delivered without a hitch. Running professional golf events can be stressful so it was nice to have the pencils not be a worry.
Andrew B
My pencils
A newly retired carpenter I collect carpenter pencils since 1994 so I thought I’d get personalized pencils to put them out for my first and only wedding !! To incorporate the dinner reception place cards
Jack G
Great!! Love them
Thanks so much for the pencils. Instead of business cards, I got pencils this year! The guys love them, and I give them to customers as well.
Houston Homes LLC
Order process
Graphite Pen & Pencil has always been seamless, efficient and top quality product and production when I have ordered from them over the years
Construction products manufacturer
They’re great, but they were late
I love the pencils and will buy them again. They did not come on the date they said, which caused me to not have a present for my students before winter break. However, I know how hard supply lines are. I should have ordered them earlier
Michelle King
Won’t purchase again
Personalizations were fine but the erasers fall out with the least little pressure from my second graders. And….they came late.
Teacher of littles
I purchase personalized pencils for my students each year. They really enjoy seeing their names on the pencils and it quickly eliminates the need to ask for a pencil at the beginning of each class, This is a great, inexpensive, personalized gift that the kids really appreciate and take good care of. I highly recommend Graphite Pen and Pencil Company. They are professional, quick and provide excellent service
Jamie Merlino
Taggart Elementary School
Personalized Pencils
I bought these personalized pencils for my 4th grade students. They were thrilled to have something with their names on it.
Shelley Haisman
Tilford Elementary
I ordered a set of personalized pencils for each student of mine from this company because of all the great reviews. Sadly, my order came late and I received random pencils, some had names and others had sayings printed on them- none of which were what I ordered. I emailed and called the company, but of course no response yet because they are closed until January, which is unfortunate as I would have liked to resolve this before we go back to school. I will revise my rating depending on what the company is able to do when they get back in January.
Audry Richards
Carpenter pencils
Great pencils ,the boys love them . Grab them like they were bars of gold.
Donald E Yarger
Carpenter Pencil
It was my first time ordering from them. I was VERY pleased with the pencils that we received, I was told that the turnaround time might be extended because of the pandemic but we saw no delays in delivery. I called the office on a couple of occasions to ask questions before I placed the order and was extremely pleased with the knowledge of the product shown by those I spoke with the friendliest customer service representatives that I have talked with In a long time (very refreshing).
Kevin Daugherty
GWC Injury Lawyers
Hex Pencil Imprinting Not Great
I have ordered custom hex pencils (silver imprint on black pencil) twice and they looked great in the past. Turnaround isn't always super fast but it's never been an issue. Their customer service is always helpful. I recently ordered custom hex pencils with metallic blue imprint on white pencil and they do not look great. Most of the pencils have text that is not clean and looks quite messy. And the price has gone up quite a bit in the past few years, so to pay more for lower quality is a little frustrating.
Carpenter Pencils - Just what we needed.
Second order of pencils from this printer - fairly easy process - great to work with. Fairly quick turnaround on order. Simple no-hassle vendor. Thanks GPencil!
Brandon Snell
KC Deck Supply
Spreading Love
I ordered pencils that reminded folks who take items from our church’s Blessing Box that God loves them. Every time we put some in the box with food and personal hygiene items, they disappear as well. I was just trying to spread love and cheer in these tough times.
Custom Carpenter Pencils
Everything is perfect on these pencils. The crew love them and they do not break off as easily as other brands.
Sergio Arvizo
Mante Construction
Carpenter Pencils
These turned out great, and our crews are happy with them. They sharpen easy, and the lead doesn't break off much. We are quite happy with them, and when we need more, we will be ordering from here again. Thank you.
KR Design & Remodeling LLC
Carpenter Pencils
Product is great. But it took a month to receive. Original colors that were in stock upon order, slowly disappeared and we had to keep selecting alternative colors. It took at least 2 weeks to receive a proof on our pencils. And then another couple of weeks to receive the pencils. Make sure you know exactly the timeline on your order. If you need your order quickly, it may not be possible.
Logo Pencils - Wow
Many of our customers are contractors and installers. Thes pencils with our logo are great calling cards, and brand builders. The quality is as advertised. I've handed out a few to our customers and they love them. The team at Graphite Pen & Pencil Company were fabulous to work with on the order. Great team. Great Product. I will order again when my supply starts to run out.
Not Pleased
I ordered pencils like I have 30 times before. First my order was cancelled twice because they couldn't fulfill it. Finally got a color they had in stock, it's been over a month now and I still haven't received them!
Hello Kasandra, We wanted to follow up with you. According to our records, your order was shipped and tracking shows the package being delivered Monday, July 26, 2021. We wanted to ensure that you received your pencils and that everything is satisfactory, aside from the unfortunate delay you've experienced. Please let us know at your earliest convenience. Thank-you again for your order and we apologize for the delay!
Kasandra Thompson
Greenbrier Golf Club
Great Gift
I got these pencils as a gift for my brother in law, they came out great and he has them all over his workshop. He loved it!
Ryan McNamee
maple walnut woodworking
These pencils were perfect for our church pews! They came exactly as ordered in a timely manner.
John E Reed
Windy Hill Bible Church
Great product and excellent to work with.
Ordered personalized golf pencils as part of a gift for my son. Great selection and excellent product. I am very satisfied. Not a big job, but still got great service and product.
SM Martin
Great pencils and awesome customer service.
frank kehoe
Portland Public Schools
Great Product & Service
Easy ordering, great product, customer service was very helpful and responsive.
Personalized Carpenter Pencils
Very disappointed in the customer service. First off it has been 6 weeks and just now being shipped. Waited 4 weeks before calling to tell us that the blue we needed was out of stock and asked what color we would like instead and we requested yellow. We are now receiving neon yellow pencils.
Royal Plumbing LLC
Great quality
I ordered custom golf pencils for my wedding. I made a crossword puzzle for the placemats, and these were perfect! Great quality, and so many people commented on them. Love that they came pre sharpened. The company was super responsive when I shared they were for a wedding. So happy they offered small batch printing.
Hotel GM
This was our first time ordering Pencils. The process was easy. The color we chose became unavailable. The female employee was delightful and efficient to work with. They are now our Pencil People!
Hotel Macomber
Personalized golf pencil order
This company rocks! Not only do they provide small batch orders, but they also care enough to ensure the order arrives on time! I ordered a small batch order for my dad’s celebration of life, and the staff recognized the importance of the order and ensured the change of delivery address wasn’t an issue. Our guests noticed this small gesture - the pencils were a perfect touch for the memories we wanted each guest to write! And I noticed...if it weren’t for the caring response of staff, this seemingly unimportant order wouldn’t have made all the difference in my dad’s honoring (a golfer until his last day on this earth)!
Marci Trahan
Specialty Tree Service
We ordered carpenter pencils with our company name and logo for an event recently so our order was somewhat time sensitive. I placed the order online and then followed up with quick phone call to assure we would receive our items on time. The staff were very friendly and sensitive to our timing factor ~ we rec'd our order earlier than expected and were extremely happy with the outcome! We absolutely love our pencils and will definitely use your company again! Thank you for giving us exactly what we were looking for.
Brandon Ritz
Specialty Tree Service
Building Trades Teacher
Awesome pencils. I teach Building Trades at the High School Level. My students use pencils, break them, lose them all the time. They really liked our own personalized pencils. They keep better track of them because they like them.
Keith Hite
New Prairie Building Trades
Golf Pencils
I designed a golf pencil for a club with which I'm affiliated. They turned out great! I love the many color options and the pencils are top quality. Thanks!
Gary A.
Great carpenters pencils
I ordered a box of custom bright yellow carpenters pencils on a whim and have been handing them out to friends and clients. They always bring a smile and a laugh. They are top quality and I have one in my pocket all the time. Good sturdy pencils, well made. I will order more, soon at the rate I am handing them out!
High Rock Ranch
Perfect....just what I ordered.
Clifton N. Strickland AIA NCARB
Strickland Architects and Associates
Umbenhauer and Son's Masonry Inc
Received my pencils a week ago , took about a month to get them but Covid screwed up everything, but got them and VERY satisfied !!! Thank you very much !!! Rick Umbenhauer
Rick Umbenhauer
Umbenhauer and Son's Masonry
Your pencils are a wonderful gift to be able to give students. They love seeing their own names on pencils. Your work is very good and they were delivered in a timely manner. Also it is reasonably priced and nicely packaged. Thank You
Kathy Francis
Custom carpenter pencils
We never purchased from this company before, so I was a little leary in a big purchase. When the pencils came in, we were over the moon happy. Great vibrant color and the lead is definitely quality. Our workers love them and will definitely be purchasing more. Thank you for a quality product at a great price.
Audra M Mearns
M2 Construction
Great gift for students
We have been purchasing these for years to give to our 4th grade students for Christmas. They love them. Every year they are a great hit. I had an order issue one year and when I called the service was friendly, helpful and we were able to solve the problem. We will order again year after year!
S Hudson
Pencils looked awesome got them in a timely manner very impressed
Russell James
James construction
Never received order
Placed an order online, on Oct 8, 2020. Never received it. Never even got follow up emails (I did get an order confirmation). I emailed 7-10 days after I placed order, to see what was happening with it. Never got a response. Until now....wanting my feedback! Lol. I’d give 0 stars, if it would let me. Ridiculous.
Order Never Fulfilled
Had exact issue as the comment below. No updates on the order for over a month. Emailed and called several times before finally speaking to someone to learn the order was never even started. They said they would rush it. I then got an email a week later asking if I still wanted the order and needing my credit card information again. I emailed back to cancel it, no response. I Ordered elsewhere. We've used these guys in the past without an issue so I'm not sure whats happening there.
Ordered my pencils on 9/2/2020. Approved the proof on 9/6/2020. Received another request to approve the proof on 9/23/2020 and when I called that day to ask why I received another proof was informed that I had not approved yet. When told what day i had they found the approval and said they would rush them. On 10/1 when I had not received them yet I called and they were not even in production yet. Canceled the order and found another supplier and had them in 10 days. Will never use them again. This was the second time I had problems with an order.
Julia Bishop
The Biz Zone
Thank You!
Peggy K.
Sharon L.
I ordered these pencils for my classroom every year, and now that I'm retired I ordered them this year as Christmas gifts for my extended family. The order came promptly and correctly, just perfect, and the quality is exceptional. I highly recommend this product!
Sharon Lefler
I ordered 30 sets of 3 pencils with my grandchildren s names on them, they were so excited when they received them. I am so pleased with my purchase, thank you !!
Felicia Guevara
Custom Carpenter Pencils
Received my order recently. The pencils are nice. Color printing is superb. The font is so clean and neat. And, it is nice to be able to order a custom job without the need to purchase multiple gross. Everyone I spoke to about the project was great. I will definitely order from Graphite again.
Bill Kolling
Patriotic pencils for my American Legion Post
Outstanding customer service and a great product, what more can you ask for? Ordered patriotic pencils for my American Legion Post and was even given a Veteran's Discount .... way to support our veterans!!! Highly recommend this company ... U.S.A.!
Mark Nadobny
American Legion Post 136
Custom Construction pencils
Ordered during the busy holiday season, but the box Of pencils was worth the wait. All who have seen and recieved them have been thoroughly impressed. I would recommend this business and do,business with them again. Thank you
Saide D
Decatur Construction
Missing Items - Refund Yet Received
I ordered pencils on 11/18/2019 06:59:14 PST, I received my order in a timely manner but I had some missing erasers and sharpeners. I emailed them about this and they apologized for the late reply due to Christmas break and said I would receive a refund for those items on 1/7/2020. I have yet to get my refund, although I have a few emails stating that I would have it within 48 hours or even that evening. This is beyond frustrating! I love their products but the customer service regarding this refund has been awful.
Jysica Kirby
Class pencils
I ordered a class set of pencils with my students' names. My kids loved them! Great quality, excellent service and the pencils arrived before we went in break. Thank you for a quality product.
Tami Southwood
What a great gift
My students were amazed that they all received pencils with their names on them. Initially they were very cordial when they received the pencils for Christmas. Then, one of the students looked at them and said, hey, my name is on this pencil; no, my name’s on all three pencils! Immediately they all began to check out their pencils😁. It was so satisfying to see the joy and surprise on their faces.
Linda C. Smith
Faith Tabernacle School
Nora Villarreal
Happy with all except for two sets that were short on number of pencils.
Nora Villarreal
Nora Villarreal
Fast and easy!
Kids love them and website is easy to use!
shipping cost $$$$
Pencils serve the purpose in my classroom. The shipping was OUTRAGEOUS. Pencils were delivered to my neighbor. My name and address was incorrect on the shipping label. I will not be buying again unless shipping charges are fair.
Just as shown
I ordered two sets of these carpenter pencils for two different companies that I do work for. Both of them arrived on schedule and were exactly what I imagined them to be.
Beth Kornegay
DCA Outdoor
Good service & great product! Thank you.
M Shemek
Franciscan Car Services
Greatest pencil printed company logo EVER!!! great service too
Brian Poquette
Kane Construction LLC
Excellent quality
We bought from another company and they weren’t near as nice as this product.
Great product!
Your personalized service and excellent end result of our order are greatly appreciated! I was so very pleased that the length of what was allowed on the pencil was so generous. And helping me to find the graphic to use with the wording was really helpful. I will definitely remember you company and order again when I begin running low!
Carol Swinyar
Superb Service!!! Made it right - HIGHLY Recommended!
Needed the logo on some golf pencils to be offset for special purpose. Initial batch received had small error in placement. Company contacted me to resolve and replaced my order, with everything perfect, at no charge to me. You can't get better than that!!! HIGHLY recommended!
Steve Brown
Needed ballpoint pens
Great service, great product. I didn't care what the pens said on them. For our use, they are great!!
Helen Natalie Kroeker
A teachers best friend
As the PTA president we decided to give every teacher a box for teacher appreciation week. They were a big hit! Strong pre sharpened pencils what more could you ask for? A great price? They were inexpensive as well! Great buy!
Quiche Pie
Dixieland PTA
Very Happy with this Purchase!
The pencils arrived quickly and were exactly what I wanted. My non-profit org used them as handouts at a fundraiser and people were delighted with them. They were the perfect little give-away because they are useful, extremely portable, not plastic, and embossed with our organization's name.
G Phillips
Misprinted Pencils
I donate these to the hospital I volunteer at and to teachers for schools. Great quality and I buy them sharpened......easier that way.
Bill Bieler
New Customer
Pencils were of good quality and the turn around was quick Thank you
M Clark
Clark Roofing Co.
3rd order with Graphite
Quality products and a quick turnaround from order to shipping.
Jeff Wiechowski
DisCap, Disc Golfers of the Capital Region
I ordered carpenter pencils for my custom home building company because I was sick of buying them at elevated costs. The bonus is I get quality advertising on an affordable product that does a great job!
Cory Nelson
Cjn Custom Homes
My son in laws business
My son in law has a contracting business. I suprised him for Christmas with contractor pencils with his business name, logo and phone number. Now at least if he loses one it will advertise for him :)
Tracy Houchin
M Neugebauer
I have been ordering your monogrammed pencils now for three years. They are the absolute perfect gifts for our scholars. The packaging makes it way too for wrapping. I originally ordered them for Xmas but was too ate for me togift it then so now I’m planning on gifting them fue Valentine’s Day. The package allows for it as well. Thank you for your promptness and quality. Sincerely First grade teacher
Marisol Neugebauer
Great pencils!
I ordered pencils for every student in my middle school to commemorate the school’s 25th anniversary. The kids loved the pencils- great quality, fun color and nicely imprinted with our school mascot. I would definitely order again.
Deedee Petricone
Personalized pencil set
I ordered these for my class for Christmas. Loved the colors. Loved the pencil pouch. Loved the ease of ordering!!!
Robin Mccamment
4th grade teacher
Personalized Pencil Set
I have ordered the personalized pencils for my students many times. They are a reasonable price, and the class absolutely loves them. I will continue to purchase the pencil set every year. Thank you for a great product.
Laurie Nowlin
Third Grade Teacher
Kathy Francis from Calais Elementary School
Thank you for your wonderful product. I ordered personalized pencils for the students in my classroom. They were a hit. I even had a parent send me a message telling me her son called them the “coolest gift ever”. I will be ordering again next year. Your pencils are a great quality and every name was spelled correctly. Again thank you. Kathy Francis.
Kathy Francis
Elementary School
I've been ordering the same Patriotic pencils for years. What a great product and truly nice people to do business with.
Jerry Cetrulo
American Woodcarving & Art School
Custom Hex Pencils
I ordered custom black hex pencils for use at a huge art tour in Austin instead of using business cards. These were a HIT! Great production, customer service and quality.
Excellent Purchase
I am very pleased with my Graphite custom contractor pencil order. I got them as a gift for my boyfriend who has his own home renovations business. After a couple of changes to my original proof, the order was finalized with his included personalized business logo (the whole process including design, changes, and shipping was just over 3 weeks). It was definitely worth the wait for such great quality pencils and I am excited to give them to him for Christmas this year!
Lauren Stopa
Fitzpatrick Renovations
Good quality
I have ordered carpenter pencils from Graphite for several years. The product and pricing are good. My only issue is that it takes a very long time to receive the product after ordering. Ordered 9/24. The order shipped on 10/10 (16 days in production). Received on 10/17. It just seems that these days, orders should only take a week in production.
Carl Borsani
Graphic Home
Excellent Pencils
Great quality pencils!! Will be buying more as soon as I run out!! Strong lead and excellent erasers!! A+
Ian Lester
Lesters' Joinery & Millwork
Love these pencils
It took a while to get the order going, but the pencils came out fantastic! Very cute promotion for budget price. Would order again!
Sam Katz
Sun City (Hilton Head) Chorus and Concert Band
We ordered a ton of these pencils for our chorus members and as give-aways Everyone loves them, they write well and they look great with a burgundy coat and brass end cap. We'll be back. They'll be a wonderful promotion item.
Gwyneth Saunders
Chorus president
Math pencils
These pencils are great. My granddaughter teaches 7 grade math in a low income school. It seems that they cannot remember to bring a pencil to class. These solve the problem since they are small and fit in a pocket. The next day they have a pencil in their pocket. The bright yellow ones could be found all over the school.
Linda Slavik
Retired grandmother.
Amazing Customer Service / Amazing Product!
Ordered 15,000 pre sharpened pencils with imprinting and needed them in a short time frame. Not only did Graphite come through but walked me through each step to guarantee nothing got lost in the process. The product was perfect for our event! I would give this company 10 STARS!!!
Jody Reynolds
WR Woodworking
Personalized Pencils
The heat changing pencils are great! The kids will love the bright colors!
Stacy Thompson
Medary Elementary School
Great for we needed
Susan Hayes
Hayes Construction Co., Inc.
Great quality and color selection!!
Amanda Pavlick
Restart4us Church Frisbee Golf Course
Very pleased with the timely and accurate delivery of your pencils. Seems a small thing - but when you have visitors from all over - you want the details to be just right. Great Job
Pastor Bob Thornton
Facebook: Restart Church
Carpenter Pencils
My son.and I each run different Carpentry business on opposite sides of the country. we are each on one side of the pencil. ..everyone remarks on what a great idea they are. ..and nobody (that I know of) throws our "business card" fact they share them with prospective customers
JP Kearns
Kearns Custom Karpentry
Awesome Customer Service and product
Ordered carpenter pencils for my Dad’s Celebration of Life. A fitting Tribute for the “Utimate Master of all Trades”. Everyone loved them! We enjoyed sharing stories about Dad’s handiwork. Customer Service was fantastic calling and letting me know I wouldn’t have to expedite ship
Eye Catching Promotional Item
I own a professional bookkeeping firm and I purchased these neon pink contractor pencils for a construction trade show I was soon attending. They arrived quickly, they were even brighter than I expected and they turned out to be a hit at the show! A week later I even received a call from a new client and when asked how she heard about us, she said, “I was handed a neon pink pencil from a friend..” Worth the investment! Thank you GPencil!
Rachel Mahrle
The Girl Up Front LLC
Perfect class gifts!
I ordered three pack personalized pencils as a goodbye gift for the students (and teachers) while student teaching! The packages were perfect, and everyone loved the gift! I wish there was an Instagram account for me to tag you in; so many people are looking to order for their classes! Thank you for such a perfect gift!
Very Much Pleased With My Product! I am really hard on my brand and can't wait to deliver it to the World of KITTYKATGIRL10's...coming soon online etc...
Round Pencil
I ordered pencils for our Legacy to Literacy program to be distributed to the children attending this event. The body color of the pencil was red and the imprint in white. I spoke with a rep and she was so helpful in selection of the product and the color selection. Very pleased with this product and would certainly contact the company again should our organization be in need of additional PR supplies!
ME Meissner
Assistance League of San Mateo County
Personalized Pencils
Customer Service very professional. Product received on a timely manner. Very satisfied with everything!
Mildred Harris
LaWalt Home Improvement & Construction LLC
Excellent Pencils for my school
You guys are the best! Thanks for creating great engravement for my beautiful pencils.
Dr. Love
Carpenter pencils
I received my pencils, they look great. Great quality. The only thing that wish it had was color on my logo. The American flag. It's Black and White. If it had color they would be unbelievable.
Steven A Ozerhoski Sr
Steve's Remodeling & Home Repair LLC
Personalized pencils
The pencils were a hit in my class. My students enjoyed seeing their names on print. I ordered them as a part of their Christmas gift, so they thought the elf on the shelf gifted them the pencils. They don’t sharpen as easily but overall I would order them again. They were also a great price. Thank you for the service and the speedy delivery.
Marisol Neugebauer
Meadow Hill School
Students loved the personalized pencils. I purchased them for Christmas gifts for my class. I must also give kudos to your customer service personnel. I was offered assistance from the kindest most helpful person in the world. Thank you for making my online buying experience with this company a good one.
Shannon Summers
Great product
I was very impressed with timely service and exceptional quality. I will definitely order again!!
Personalized pencils
Pencils were great! Good quality and we loved the choice of font.
Great Personalized Pencils
Great personalized pencils with nice erasers too! My order was perfect and my students loved them!
Linda C.
Your Students Will Love Them
My students love these pencils, and they help during the flu season as well. There are fewer colds, and no one can dispute whose pencil is whose. Another company offers the same pencils, but it's a nightmare. Buy from Grahite pen and pencil company.
Kathleen R Jones
Great Product!
My team and I have bought these personalized 3 pack pencils for our students 3 years in a row. They are always a hit! Customer service was very helpful as well!
candy cane pens
everyone liked the pens , and most people remembered them from there childhood .
Dennis ORourk
best deal auto sales
Carpenter pencils
Pretty happy with my first order of carpenter pencils, I had them made up instead of doing business cards so I wanted them to be nice . The colors are bold and the printing is sharp, the lead works well all day long.
Andy schepp
Andy’s Custom Carpentry
Exceeded Expecations
Im thrilled about my order! The student's names were all accurate! I've told many colleagues about this company. I'd definitely order from them again!!!
Customized Pencils with Student's Name
I was skeptical about selecting an on-line company that I was not familiar with. However, Graphite exceeded my expectations. My order was accurate, and the delivery was on-time as promised. My account was not charged until the pencils were in shipment. My team mates are so pleased. I love the individual pack each pencil is in. It's the perfect Christmas gift for my students.