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Valentine's Day Hexagon Pencil Set - 3 Pack - Personalized

Valentine's Day Hexagon Pencil Set  - 3 Pack - Personalized
    Don’t difficult for a second grader
    I love the pencils. I’ve been ordering them for 20 years. I ordered a set for Valentines Day for my grandson to pass out to his classmates. They arrived on time and they’re great pencils but the font was difficult for him to read. I would have preferred the simple font on the regular pencil.
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    Great Product!
    The product was the perfect set for my son's classmates. My only issue was that the font that was actually used was more fancy than the photo online making it a little difficult for 1st graders to read. Not sure I had a choice in the font when ordering and if I did I wasn't aware of it because I would have chosen a much simpler plain text font that they could read. But other than that which could have been an error on my part, the product was a great treat for his class and came in a handy pouch for them to keep the pencils! Thumbs up!
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    Valentine's Day Hexagon Pencil Set - 3 Pack - Personalized

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    These Personalized Pencil Packs contain three pencils, two red and one white, with your students name printed on them. These are a perfect gift for your students because each pencil is labeled with their name! Teachers love giving these for gifts! Pencils are not pre-sharpened, #2 HB lead.

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