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Misprinted Carpenter Pencils

    Misprinted Carpenter Pencils

    misprinted pencils and sharpeners
    augusta pearl
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    these are terrific and great for teachers, home schoolers, and artists like me. I needed a big pencil for design drawing, and the shape is helpful. As a teacher, the misprints provide easy identification for childs ownership and pencil sharpeners for each makes use easy.
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    72 for only $18.14 ($0.25 each)

    Item#: 3870

    If you need inexpensive carpenter pencils, look no further! Take advantage of our missing commas, mistakes and smudges. Only as supplies are available. Please Note: Misprints are packed in bulk at random and sold in units of 72 pieces. You may receive a wide variety of colors and styles, or all the same. May also contain carpenter pencils with red lead. For more than 35 gross call 1-800-873-1782 for special Pricing.

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