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Misprinted Golf Pencils - No Eraser

    Misprinted Golf Pencils - No Eraser

    Great freebies for students, BUT...
    I wanted an inexpensive pencil for my students who forget to bring theirs to class. These are great for that! However, the shipping is terribly high! In the end, my under $10 box of pencils cost over $22!!! Not worth the total cost unless you buy over $100 worth of product and get shipping for free.
    Lisa O.
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    "Perfect" mistake pencils! Used for my students!
    Michele Cymek
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    Great Product & Service
    I am a teacher and bought these for my students. When my original shipment arrived, I was not happy with some of the logos (for a brewing company), and did not think it was appropriate for my classroom. When I contacted the company, they sent me replacement boxes absolutely free and let me keep the old ones. I am definitely recommending this product to my colleagues.
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    Great for the Classroom
    I love these for my high school classroom. It is a cheap easy way to make sure everyone has something to write with. They are functional, but not desirable enough for the students to want to take them, so I can get through the year on one box. This saves me a ton of money compared to buying standard pencils.
    Joseph Aldridge
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    144 for only $9.78 ($0.07 each)

    Item#: 3686-GOLF

    Size: 3 3/8"

    Packaging: 1 Gross Box

    If you need inexpensive pencils for your school, classroom or work, look no further. We have pencils for only 7ยข each! Take advantage of our missing commas, mistakes and smudges. Only as supplies are available. Please Note: Misprints & Seconds are packed in bulk at random. You may receive a wide variety of colors and styles including round and hexagon pencils, or all the same. Imprints and Logos may vary. Seconds may have blemishes or smeared paint. All golf pencils are pre-sharpened - #2 HB.

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