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Dots - Mood Pencils

    Dots - Mood Pencils

    They're Just OK
    They're certainly not the best I've ever used. They do kind of work, but not as vibrant as I was expecting. Also, they say they're activated, and when I got them they didn't work at all. Had to call customer service, they were very nice & helpful. I was told I had to put them in the freezer to activate them - which was rather inconvenient. It did work: but, like I said, I'm not too impressed. Next time I'll order from the other company I used. I just wanted to compare products.
    Kimberly D
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    Add big polka dots to your thermo-chromic writing experience--very chic! Pencils are made from safe, non-toxic paint and materials. #2HB lead.

    Dots - Mood Pencils