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Misprinted Pens

    Misprinted Pens

    great price
    I received my pens today, so cheap for so many! I got a variety of about 8-10 different kinds of pens, each with really minor smudging on the label. would definitely recommend
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    Great Deal!
    You could not get a better deal for the price! There is a wide variety of pens- black ink, different thicknesses (the pen). I had 2-3 that were broken, but I considered that a non-issue because of the price. Great deal, especially if you tend to have pens β€œwalk away” from your desk.
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    100 for only $12.59 ($0.13 each)

    Item#: 3423

    If you need inexpensive pens for your school, classroom or work, look no further. We have misprinted advertising pens at rock bottom prices. Take advantage of our missing commas, mistakes and smudges. Only as supplies are available. Please Note: Misprinted ballpoint pens are packed in bulk at random and sold in units of 100 pieces, you may receive a wide variety of colors and styles, or all the same. Imprints and Logos may vary.

    NOTE: With the exception of our Big Writer series of ballpoint pens, all other pens have been discontinued. As a result, we currently only have misprinted Big Writer pens available. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    Misprinted Pens