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Misprinted Pens

    Misprinted Pens

    Great Deal!
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    You could not get a better deal for the price! There is a wide variety of pens- black ink, different thicknesses (the pen). I had 2-3 that were broken, but I considered that a non-issue because of the price. Great deal, especially if you tend to have pens “walk away” from your desk.
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    100 for only $10.95 ($0.11 each)

    Item#: 3423

    If you need inexpensive pens for your school, classroom or work, look no further. We have misprinted advertising pens for only 11¢ each. Take advantage of our missing commas, mistakes and smudges. Only as supplies are available. Please Note: Misprinted ballpoint pens are packed in bulk at random and sold in units of 100 pieces, you may receive a wide variety of colors and styles, or all the same. Imprints and Logos may vary.

    Misprinted Pens